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buddy - der neue Nachtbus der Stadtwerke Heilbronn

buddy – the all-new flexible shuttle service for all Heilbronn night owls is available now. Buddy replaces Heilbronn’s previous night bus service. On weekends and before public holidays, the Buddy service is on call from midnight until the early hours of the morning. The scheduled Heilbronn night bus service is discontinued.

Booking is quick and easy through the SWHN app. Just enter your preferred departure time and destination and the SWHN app will instantly show you the nearest buddy stops. And best of all: Your buddy operates at mate’s rates!

  • Your buddy is there for you whenever you need it - no static timetable, simply book your buddy through the SWHN app as required.

  • Your buddy picks you up wherever you are - get on and off at every public transport stop within the Heilbronn city limits and in Flein. That adds up to more than 200 buddy stops!

  • Your buddy operates at mate’s rates - a buddy ticket will never cost you more than €5.00. Or just produce your HNV subscription or a valid HNV ticket and you will even travel at a mere €2.50 - no matter how long your trip is!

  • Your buddy gets you home safely - short walking distances at night, operated by our specially trained drivers, no more excuses for drinking and driving.
  • Your buddy is sustainable – the Buddy service automatically matches up passengers travelling on similar routes, thus cutting waiting times, carbon emissions and traffic in the city.

buddy night shuttle service operating hours

Frideay to Saturday nights midnight to 6 am
Saturday to Sunday nights/any night to a public holiday midnight to 8 am

buddy night shuttle service fares

Regular fare €2.50 (HNV fare zone A) + 2,50 € convenience surcharge
HNV subscription holders €2.50 convenience surcharge only
HNV ticket holders €2.50 convenience surcharge only

Download the SWHN app and get registered in just 5 minutes!

How to book your Buddy journey through the SWHN app - A step by step guide

Use the SWHN app to book your buddy journey in less than a minute once you have registered and chosen a payment method.

Please be aware the SWHN app will only display buddy service options during operating hours. If you want to book or request your buddy journey in advance, you must first choose your departure time.

Your buddy takes you home – this is how Heilbronn’s new night bus service works:

1 When does the Buddy night bus service take you home?

Your buddy service operates on Friday nights from midnight to 6 a.m. and on Saturday nights/any nights to a public holiday from midnight to 8 a.m.

2 Where does the Buddy night bus service operate?

Your buddy service operates within the Heilbronn city limits including Flein. Unfortunately, trips beyond the city limits are not on offer.

3 How can I book the Buddy service?

If you have not already done so, you must first download the SWHN app. The SWHN app will be available for download from 1 July 2022 in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

You can plan your ride back home with the buddy service by first entering your departure and destination details, as well as your preferred departure or arrival time. We suggest you switch on the location services in settings to grant the SWHN app access to your current location. Alternatively, you may also type in where you are or place the red pin on the map at the desired location.

If a Buddy vehicle is available at the travel time you requested, the app will give you the predicted departure and arrival times, plus how to get to the departure point on foot. The SWHN app automatically tells you at which Heilbronn stop your buddy will pick you up and at which stop you need to alight.

Under booking details, you can specify the number of passengers and whether one of them is a wheelchair user. Below the number of passengers, please indicate how many of them have a valid HNV ticket. For them, the SWHN app will automatically charge the convenience surcharge only. Please present your valid HNV tickets to the driver at the outset of your journey. After entering all booking details, you are ready to request your buddy.

Based on your details, the SWHN app will now try and find a buddy for you. It will calculate all your journey data, including the walking route to your departure stop. You may now book your buddy. Subsequently you will get an overview with all the details of your buddy ride.

4 How much is a buddy journey?

If you already have a valid HNV ticket for fare zone A (Heilbronn), no matter whether it is a subscription ticket, day ticket, etc., you will only have to part with €2.50 for a Buddy journey, i.e., pay the convenience surcharge. HNV day tickets are even valid for buddy journeys until the end of service on the following day (see 18), giving you even more flexibility on your way back home.

5 Where can I get on and off a buddy?

Your buddy is a flexible travel option servicing more than 200 stops in both Heilbronn and Flein. In addition, there are also some virtual stops. Your SWHN app shows you exactly where you can get on and off a buddy.

6 Where can I download the SWHN app?

The SWHN app is the mobility and service app provided by Stadtwerke Heilbronn, offering all you need in one place. The buddy service, HNV timetable information and mobile HNV tickets. Going forward, the SWHN app will offer further services, such as EV charging, tickets for Heilbronn public swimming pools and the Heilbronn ice rink. The SWHN app will be available for download from 1 July 2022 in the respective app stores for iOS and Android devices.

7 Do I have to register to use the SWHN app?

Yes, passengers will need an SWHN user account so they can be correctly identified when boarding the buddy. In addition, you may use the SWHN app to pay for the buddy service and HNV tickets.

8 Can I book my buddy trip by phone and pay in cash?

No. You can only book and pay for your buddy trip through the SWHN app. This way, we can offer the buddy service at low prices and make it available to you all night long.

9 May I cancel the buddy journey I have booked? Will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you planned. That’s why you can cancel your buddy journey at no charge until 15 minutes prior to the departure time. If you choose to cancel at a later time, we will have to charge a cancellation fee of €2.50.

 10 Why might my departure or arrival be delayed?

The buddy system bundles requested journeys with similar destinations at similar times. Due to our ride-sharing philosophy, departure and arrival times may change slightly. This may also result in short detours for you, but at the same time it helps cut waiting times for everybody. That’s not only efficient, but also good for the environment. But the very best part about it is that you may meet other nice people on your buddy journey.

11 How can I make sure I arrive at my destination at a certain time?

Do you need to be on time to catch your train? Or do you have to be at home at a certain time? Then simply enter your preferred time of arrival when you plan your journey. Your buddy will then take you to your destination on time. However, please make sure to allow for a time buffer, because traffic jams, road works or other unforeseen events cannot be ruled out. This way you avoid arriving at your destination too late.

12 Can I also book my buddy ride in advance?

Are you a regular buddy user or do you have an important appointment? Then book your buddy ride up to seven days in advance. If you find you don’t need your buddy after all, please make sure to cancel your buddy ride in good time to avoid cancellation fees. Please see 9 for more details.

13 Are buddy vehicles accessible for people with disabilities?

If you require a buddy vehicle that is accessible for wheelchair users, please let us know when you plan your journey. Please note that there is only room for one wheelchair at any one time. Is more than one of you using a wheelchair? Then please book separate trips, one per wheelchair. You will then be transported one after the other.

14 Can I book a buddy journey for several people in one go?

Yes. You can book for up to 5 additional passengers.

15 Can I book a buddy trip for other people without myself being part of the group?

No. For identification purposes, the person booking the buddy trip must also be travelling. Unfortunately, you can’t book a journey on behalf of other persons.

16 I have an HNV day ticket valid for up to five persons. How do I proceed?

If you have a valid HNV day ticket for up to five persons, please select five travelling passengers and five passengers with a valid HNV ticket as you plan your journey. This way, you will be only charged a supplementary €2.50 convenience surcharge per person. Please present your HNV day ticket to the driver when boarding the buddy.

17 Holders of an HNV subscription ticket may bring along a certain number of additional passengers at certain times who will travel for free. Does that include buddy journeys?

Yes. Please select the total number of persons travelling on the subscription ticket in accordance with the HNV subscription ticket regulations. Then select the same number of passengers as travelling with a valid HNV ticket. Each person will then only pay a supplementary €2.50 convenience surcharge. Please present your HNV ticket to the driver when boarding.

18 Can I take children with me on a buddy trip?

Yes. Children may also use the buddy service. Please include all children in your total number of travelling passengers as you plan your journey. All children with a valid HNV ticket, e.g. the Sunshine Ticket, will only pay the convenience surcharge. Please make sure you include them in your total number of passengers with a valid HNV ticket. All children without a valid HNV ticket will pay the regular buddy fare of only €5.00.

All under 5s can only use the buddy service if accompanied by a person aged 16 or over who will also be responsible for their safe transport including the provision of the necessary aids (e.g., child carriers, child seats).

19 Can I bring an animal with me?

No. Animals are not permitted onboard the buddy vehicles. Exceptions are assistance dogs in line with legal regulations (e.g., guide dogs).

20 Will my severely disabled person’s card be accepted?

A severely disabled person’s card with a valid stamp will count as a valid HNV ticket. This also includes another person, if the card indicates that the holder is entitled to take along an accompanying person (category “B”). This means that both you and the person accompanying you will only have to pay the convenience surcharge. If you wish to be accompanied by another person, please include this person as a passenger as you plan your journey (see 17).

21 Is the buddy service a taxi service?

No. The buddy night bus service is a public transport service. Unlike a cab, it will not stop everywhere in Heilbronn, but only at public transport stops. Therefore, travelling by buddy is less expensive than hailing a taxi in Heilbronn.

22 Does the regular night bus still run in Heilbronn?

No. The scheduled night busses no longer run in Heilbronn. The N1 and N2 Heilbronn night bus services were discontinued on 30 June 2022. Instead of using the regular night bus, you can now travel with the buddy night bus service.

23 Is my student ID considered an HNV ticket for a buddy journey?

No. However, if you have a student ticket, for example, or any other valid HNV ticket or subscription, you will only pay €2.50 per buddy journey.

24 Support

Problems with getting registered? Questions about purchasing a mobile ticket? Didn’t receive your ticket? Don’t worry. Click here to get to our SWHN app support site.

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Liniennetzplan Heilbronn

Insgesamt 9 Stadtbahn Haltestellen der Stadtbahn-Linie S4 befinden sich auf Gemarkung der Stadt Heilbronn.

Mit Ausbau der Stadtbahn ab Heilbronn Richtung Norden nach Mosbach (Linie S41) bzw. Sinsheim (Linie S42) sind nochmals insgesamt 6 Stadtbahn-Haltestellen hinzugekommen.

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Heilbronner • Hohenloher • Haller Nahverkehr
Heilbronner • Hohenloher • Haller Nahverkehr

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Der Heilbronner-Hohenloher-Haller Nahverkehr umfasst Stadt und Landkreis Heilbronn, den Hohenlohekreis, Teilbereiche des Landkreises Schwäbisch Hall, sowie Bereiche um die Städte Sinsheim, Mosbach, Osterburken, Bönnigheim, Freudental und Kirchheim. Überall gilt: 1 Tarif, 1 Fahrscheinangebot – in Bus, Bahn und Stadtbahn!


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